Testimonials to Meera

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From the PRESS

The Indian Express

Meera danced the incredible technique of Bharatnatyam choreographed by her Guru. With apparently effortless movements. Watching her dance is a real feast for the heart and mind…” 

Gujarat Samachar

Face should be transparent that it easily reflects the emotion of heart and Meera’s face and her expression are indeed heart touching. Her dedication for bharatnatyam is indeed worth of appreciation….”


To exhibit the beauty of this universe is the first-most condition of bharatnatyam which Meera has faithfully fulfilled in her performance and has shown the originality of thought in her art…

From the Dignitaries

Padmabhushan shree C.V. Chandrashekhar

former dean, Faculty of performing arts. M.S. University, Vadodara.
Meera was one of my favourite students. Her Nritya is sharp and abhinay is very subtle. I am proud of her achievements…

Shree Jaya Chandrashekhar

Choreographer, attached to J. K. Krishnamurty B.H.U.

Meera won special honour for her role ‘Marich’ in ‘Bhumija’ and ‘Marich Vadh’ during I.C.C.R. sponsored tour of South East Asia and Russia.

Late Shree Pradeep Barua

Former Head: Dept of dance M.S. University, Vadodara.
Meera has a brilliant career. She has participated successfully in many special dance performances.

Shree Vijaykumar Dixit

D.D.G. A.I.R.
Agility in movements, dignity in expressions and knowing in communication while on stage are Meera’s forte. She sure is a confident treader of the path and destined to arrive.

Shree Jyotirdhar Desai

Manager super Cassettes Industry Ltd., Former Director-A.I.R., D.D.K. and F.D.I.I.

She is gifted with grace in aptitude and intense interest in cultural activity, particularly Bharatnatyam since her childhood.

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